Caudill Krav Maga & Fitness was created for one reason and one reason only.  Our sole purpose of operation is to simply make you better.  Our only reason for existence is to help people become healthier and safer. We will strive to meet the needs of our members by providing the optimal training experience for you no matter what your fitness level. 

Caudill Krav Maga & Fitness is not like any other training.  We want to get you fit, get you trained and help you learn to be a more confident individual.  We will also provide a very specific set of self defense skills that will not only allow you to protect yourself, but also will enable you to protect those closest to you.

It is our promise to get you fit, to get you trained and get you confident in your appearance but even more importantly get you confident in your ability.

We believe that "modern fitness" is defined by appearance rather than actual horsepower and a training facility contaminated by this attitude cannot produce elite fitness, physical or mental. 

We implement body-weight exercises, with Russian Kettlebells as additional outside resistance.  Our classes are semi-private, the training is very intense. In a class you might see women or men swinging 40 lbs. kettlebells.

Additionally, Krav Maga self defense classes will be taught by USKMA Certified Instructors.  These classes are an intense workout on their own.  Also, more traditional martial arts classes will be offered utilizing only high level black belt instructors.

Caudill Krav Maga & Fitness is an affiliate of the USKMA.  Furthermore Caudill Krav Maga & Fitness recognizes the USKMA as the guiding force of Krav Maga in the United States.

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Start your CKMF experience by scheduling an intro lesson in Krav Maga today!
We offer a 2-for-1 on our intro classes, so grab a friend and you'll both get the intro lesson and a class for just $19! Appointments are required for all intro lessons. On the day of your Krav Maga introappointment, you'll come for the 30-minute intro lesson and stay immediately after to participate in a Krav Maga level 1 class, so be prepared to spend at least 90 minutes with us that day. Be sure to dress comfortably as you would to work out